Youtube Classics.

A couple videos for your enjoyment which I cannot seem to get enough of…

Get Down! On a knee.
We’ll bust thee a righteous decree,
Pour out a 40 for the glorious G.O.D.

Say yes, be blessed, and rock V.I.P
Drinking juice with Jehovah, and gin with J.C.

You’ll pay the price if you give into vice, so think twice,
You better tomahawk this mother-lovin’ oop from Christ.

Matthew one-six, colon, one-eight doc,
he can’t build you a church unless you pass him the rock.

We’re on a mission to christen,
We’re spittin’ acts of contrition,
We’re fishin’ out opposition ,
With biblical ammunition.
No dismissin’ tradition,
No transitioning positions,
You call that Christian, you trippin,
Don’t make us go inquisition.

And a second helpful video for those who always wished they could summarize the Bible in a minute…