The heart of the matter…Part I

One of the hot topics in theological circles right now is the atonement.  Opinions regarding how salvation has been provided by Christ to humans are numerous.  Some people believe that there is only one right way to understand what happened in this event whereas others are content to believe that the various theories of atonement are better thought of as metaphors which help explain the event.

 To be frank, I find most discussions about the atonement to be a crashing bore.  I know this may be borderline blasphemous considering that I am, after all, a master’s student of theology.  However what I have found is that there appears to be some sort of disconnect between how people view the atonement and how forgiveness works in human relationships.  It seems likely to me that the way humans practice the virtue of forgiveness should at least be analogous to the way God has provided forgiveness through the Christ event. 

For this reason I wish to present for your amusement and edification my understanding of forgiveness.  It is my hope that the suggestions I make will help you make sense of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and eradicate any ‘formulaic’ understanding of God that may be lurking in your life.

These thoughts originate in a lecture I gave last April on the virtue of forgiveness.  The impetus for these musings stem from my own attempt to integrate my life experience with “theoretical data”. 

The first entry coming soon will be on “I/Thou”